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Who is this gal and how can she help?

traci rehill web designer

I help your business get noticed in a saturated market. 

Imagine leaving the daunting task of branding your business totally up to me!

I take care of everything from your logo to your website, to your print materials, to your signage and more! 

I get it. Web design is for nerds; especially that techy Wordpress. Coding? What is with that? I just want to slap my website together, you say! 

Well, let me tell you; building a website is MUCH more that that! You built your business and you want the world to know ALL about it! You used one of those templates from Squarespace or Shopify; and no one is coming to your website?

Or maybe you've had a website up and running for years with no traffic; simply because it just isn't user friendly and from the stone ages? 

Well, whatever the case, I can get your business visually noticed! 


gracejan logo, web design, wordpress

 If you have a question and want to find out how I can help your business, please drop me some words below!