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Case Studies

Reconstructed Wordpress Website

This website was in dire need of an update! It was stuck in the 1990's. Although I am a fan of retro times; websites cannot be stuck in a time warp. 

Below is a quick screenshot of the changing word bubbles and a large image background and a simple text/blog information on one page. 

The remainder of the 5 pages were much the same. Simple image and text. 



wordpress outdated website






Joe at JTB Enterprises was a pleasure to work with. His business of 10 years deserved to stand up and get noticed.

He wanted to stay with the black and orange color theme and to maintain his current logo. It needed updated services, qualifications and images. Joe was also concerned about his Google ranking and the potential customers finding him for specific niches. 

Click the image below to see it in live action! 




JTB Enterprises | Updated Wordpress Website

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