7 Signs That It Is Time To Hire A Professional Web Designer.

Do you ever get anxious when someone asks you for your company website? When they do, you over explain why you need to update it and ignore this and that? 

Your business needs an online presence now more than ever to reach customers around the globe. You need your business to appear in a search when a user types in your product or service. The best way to stand out to your potential customers is by having a well-designed user friendly website. 

In my experience, I often encounter clients with outdated websites that don’t function well and have been out of date for 5 to 10 years, saying, “We are embarrassed to give anyone our website address.” It could be time to hire a professional web designer. 

7 Signs That It Is Time To Hire A Professional Web Designer.

1. Your website is a mess and you have little to no time to fix it.

Years ago, a friend helped you set up your website. Although retro is in, the current design of your site does not fit the mood you want to convey. You have broken links, outdated products, outdated service fees, and team members who no longer work for you.


2. You have a list of edits you have know idea how to do and no time to fix them.

You are an expert at selling your products or services, but have no idea how to handle technical aspects of your website?


3. You quite simply HATE your website! 

Enough said.


4. It’s brought you to the verge of tears and/or the bottom of a wine bottle.

I have been there. I’m wondering why another designer left my client in such a mess. You have attempted to clean it up yourself and have no idea what you are doing and then what you thought you were fixing, suddenly vanishes. 


5. Your website is not bringing in any traffic.

It’s an ornament. Awaiting discovery and admiration. A website shouldn’t just look pretty. 


6. You are losing business because there is no way to book or purchase through your website.

It’s a dead zone. You are using Facebook to book appointments and your cell number to make purchases. 


7. ** RED FLAG ** You don’t have a website.

Can you identify with any of the following 7 signs? Perhaps it’s time to hire a professional web designer. If you have a question or would like to book a free consolation, please contact me. Let’s build a beautiful website together!



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